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    RickyHan.biz - As a reputable and trusted vehicle dealer with many years in the business, we want to make every possible assurance that buying a RickyHan.biz is the only way to invest in a vehicle. Our staff know modern cars and classic cars, all require a level of knowledge that is necessary in the used car market. Never buy a car from a someone who doesn’t know what he has. We examine every car extensively before we purchase so we can weed out the problem cars before they get to the customer.

    We use the term salesman loosely. Our “salesmen” are passionate about what they do, and it shows. Too many dealers will talk you into a car you have no business buying. Our job is to get you into a car that fits your lifestyle & budget, while adding value to your investment portfolio. Whether you are a serious buyer or just love to talk cars, our sales are eager to hear from you!

    A warranty is great until you read the fine print. We will not offer you the traditional lawyer-speak guarantee, because classic cars are amazingly unpredictable and they will find the most inopportune time to act their age. What we will offer, in all fairness, is our assistance in helping you return your vehicle to its purchased condition.

    Information is the best tool a buyer can ever possess and we love to share. If you need close-up or undercarriage photos, scanned copies of original titles, etc. we will get it to you and we will handle your request in a timely manner.

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